Dr. Pratim Sengupta

Notice Board

Bimal Biswas

Out of so many investments, "MUKTI" is the best to count upon. I was never aware of the power of Yoga until the moment I was surrounded by diseases. Mukti has helped me combat back to a healthy life.

Basu Deb Ghosh

Surviving with Diabetic Nephropathy has been a tough journey. I wish I had this book "Art of Living with Diabetes" beforehand. Now I often suggest this to my friends so that they can also benefit from it.

Suhas Sarkar

I got to know about Yoga Nidra from a session organized by Nephrocare India. I was so amazed by its result in a single-day practice that I requested for a complete training. Once you know the correct way of doing it, there is no going back.