Mukti Basic course

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Course Detail
MUKTI is an unique blend of ancient Yogic Wisdom with modern physiologic understanding of human body. Designed by Dr Pratim Sengupta, an world famous nephrologist from India and crafted keeing all the challanges of renal failure patients in mind, This is a life changing course for implementing principles and practice of yoga in your day to day life,and get immense benifit from ancient Indian Yoga. This course is designed in a way that it helps  to alleviate all the common physiscal mental and emotional problems of any  renal failure patients. Practice of MUKTI tremedously helps  for improving  energy level, building positive attitute toward life, combat depression, achiving more vigor and resilience in body. Reduction in blood pressure, good sleep and improving digestive functions are well observed benifits among the practitioners of MUKTi.This is the basic course that teaches priliminary techniques that one should do to prepare himself/herself for the next level of Mukti.