Yoga Nidra in Hindi

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Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic practice which is extremely helpful for rejuvanating us in our day to day busy stressful life. Practicing Yoga Nidra creates a state of restful alertness inside our body and mind. Those who practice yoga Nidra regularly, they experience an  unique state of consciousness that can be characterised by alertness as wakeful state along with deep restful state  which we experience during deep sleep. It  is very simple to practice , typically the state of relaxation is induced by a guided voice commands. The guided commands  initiates systematic sequential relaxation of each every part of our body which takes hardly 20-30 minutes.  Yoga Nidra brings deep rest to the every cell of our body and mind. Yoga Nidra not only rejuvenates our minds, but also adds vigor to our body. It is always a good idea to end your daily yoga practice with Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep or in midway of busy day and take a break for Yoga Nidra.  In my daily practice I have seen Diagnosis of kidney disease indeed leads to  a tremendous physical, mental, emotional, and financial stress for a patient and their family members. 90 percent's of CKD pts and their stressed family members cant sleep well , and they are drained emotionally, energy wise. All patients and their near and dear one needs some care to relieve their stress. Keeping this in mind I have taken  this initiative  to bring this ancient  Indian techniques of stress management "Yoga Nidra" in a very simple step-by-step manner so that every one can practice and take benefit of this . This basic level of Yoga Nidra will be very helpful for all patients and their family members. Best Of Luck : Dr.Pratim Sengupta