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This is a unique way to contact Dr.Pratim Sengupta and the team. Anyone can use this platform to reach out to Dr.Sengupta and his team regarding the appointment, clinical query, nutrition-related query, and any other queries. Get all your queries answered within 24 hours.

Dr.Pratim's Kidneycare

This is a holistic model and state of art facilities to deal with chronic diseases.

Food Potassium Calculator

This is the first food potassium calculator available in the market. In this calculator, you can find out the potassium content of every food you consume. You can easily build up recipes and find out the potassium content. The calculator will guide if you can consume the food based on your blood potassium report. You can track your total dietary potassium. It will tell you if you can eat a particular fruit or vegetables based on your blood potassium report. Dieticians will also provide you round the clock support. Now no more fear of hyperkalemia.

Dr pratim's philosophy

Dr. Pratim Sengupta, a leading nephrologist,from India believes that to achieve accomplishment in life, health, wealth , relationship passion and aspirations these all aspects need to be balanced. Dr Sengupta has contributed in the field of nephrology over a decade in many ways. His innovative empathetic care model, research and publications in the field of nephrology, and social activities through his foundation the Kidney Care Society is well known to everyone. From Core of his heart Dr Sengupta believes that Prevention is the best treatment and everyone needs the right education and awareness for protecting his or her health and enjoy the abundance of life. Health Education, helping personal development, building good habits and exploring deeper meaning of life by holistic approach

Dr pratim's academy Mission

Mission of dr pratims academy: This academy is founded with the mission of sharing knowledge and ideas for holistic growth of life. In the health section the academy provides knowledge regarding early detection and prevention of health related problems.  The academy also focuses on fitness and yoga, with innovative courses that combine the ethos of ancient yogic culture with modern scientific knowledge.In educating paramedical workers, technicians and dieticians, the academy strives to enhance their expertise and skills.This academy's holistic approach makes it exceptional.It also runs a program of wealth generation where participants can gain and prosper their wealth and use it in their medical expenditures.

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