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Sleep at a time saves 9!

You go to bed early after your dinner. In an attempt to sleep you keep scrolling through your social media accounts and end up doing that for or longer hours without realizing it. This keeps turning into a habit due to lack of sleep. This makes it obvious that the individual must not feel energetic in the morning.

So today let's discuss what needs to be done to get proper sleep.

Let's know the importance of sleep.

It is very important to know that, to be fit and fine an individual needs 8 hours of proper sleep. The amount of stage 4 sleep or deep sleep defines how refreshed we are supposed to feel as we wake up.

Are you aware that all the neurochemicals used in our body get replenished during sleep? For example, take your daily life routine, the effort that you put throughout the day exhausts your neurochemicals in the brain given to every little action and reaction. Thus if we are unable to sleep properly the neurochemicals fail to resynthesize, which results in affecting us physically, mentally, and neurological and ultimately affecting all our organs.

Problems an individual might face if he is unable to get proper sleep:

Would always feel tired,

Would never know what a good mood feels like,

Would find his immune system deteriorates making him prone to infection and diseases,

Increasing the probability of cancer,

Increasing the probability of chronic kidney disease,

High chances of having hypertension,

High chances of having diabetes.

Symptoms of sleep disorder:

A few of the signs and side effects of sleep disorder may be feeling drowsy during the day, sporadic breathing, or increase in movement during rest. Other signs and indications incorporate an unpredictable rest and wake cycle and trouble falling asleep. There are numerous diverse sorts of sleep disorders. Sleeping disorder can moreover be assembled agreeing to behaviors, issues together with your common sleep-wake cycles, breathing problems, trouble resting or how languid you're feeling amid the day.

Thus in simple terms, 8 hours of proper sleep is just not a prevention or a medicine but also the magic key to the door to a healthy future and disease-free life. Good sleep also prevents aging, hence one must be aware of the ways and methods that can be put to use to have proper sleep.

You will notice that a newborn has no issue with sleeping. He can easily sleep for 16 hours a day. Now as we grow we come across thoughts, stress, tension, anxiety, responsibility, and diseases all mixed up disturbs our sleep cycle.

I recommend people to practice sleep hygiene like:

Avoid exposure to blue light during your bedtime- It has been observed that exposure to blue light hampers proper sleep.

Reduce your screen time- In today's world social media owns 50% of a day, digital detoxification is a must. Avoid turning your internet on after 8 or 9 p.m. Social media is indeed engaging but in the end, it should not get over your physical and mental health. Do not let social media take over your productivity.

Practice going to bed at a specific time every single day- Plan your day in the manner that you can wrap up everything by 10 pm to 12 pm and dedicate the next eight hours completely to proper sound sleep. Nothing better than dose going to bed even early. Remember sleep works like meditation. Thus keep your mind fresh and practice digital detoxification 2 hours before going to sleep.

Light exercise- This can simply be working for a while after dinner, before going to bed. This improves your quality of sleep.

Try to sleep in a room that is clean and tidy, free of any noise, and not exposed to blue light.

We are soon going to launch a course that would help us in solving this emerging crisis of having proper sleep. You can find it at, launching soon. One thing that we teach our patients is Yoga Nidra. You will find this in form of an audio command, and you will be amazed how easily this can put you to sleep. One can also take the help of light music for going to sleep.

Another amazing tip would be to stay ahead in the next day's job to be done. For example, you can keep a few important works done before going to sleep like keeping your shoe polished, keeping aside the dress to be worn the next day, and keeping a few vegetables chopped which would make cooking the next day easier. Staying ahead in your schedule helps you stay a bit stress-free which ultimately results in good sleep.

Wash your hand face and feet before you go to bed and those who are spiritually inclined can also pray to the God they believe in, this helps to calm your mind before you go to sleep.

The urge of taking sleeping pills:

This is a very common question that we doctors usually come across, is it necessary to take pills for going to sleep?  If the matter of sleeping disorder reaches a certain stage then one might require the help of medicines but maintaining a few sleep hygiene techniques, a few exercises, Yoga Nidra, a few meditation techniques, music, and sound therapy can be the best replacement for medication.

To buy a copy of YOGA NIDRA you can call or WhatsApp us on the given number:

+91 6292266878

People who are suffering from sleeping disorders can visit our site "drpratimsacademy" and learn the sleep hygiene techniques in detail which would help you in having a proper 8 hours of sleep so that you can cease aging, stay away from diseases, be productive, stay stress-free, limit the chances of hypertension diabetes and CKD and keep your nervous system healthy.

Give your best to get a proper 8 hours of sleep as this is no other replacement for staying healthy.


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